I don’t really need medical weed but I want it

I have a sister that deals with pain in her left knee due to a soccer injury

My brother recently got a medical marijuana card. He is not really someone that should have medical weed either. My brother just likes smoking weed in order to relax. He says it helps him sleep. He doesn’t suffer from insomnia, restless leg syndrome or anything like that. He doesn’t have chronic pain, anxiety or depression. He just likes weed. However, my brother apparently found a doctor that prescribed medical marijuana to him and helped him fill out the paperwork online. It took around two weeks and now my brother has all the cannabis oil and flower he could want. Everyone in the family is so jealous. I thought getting medical weed would be extremely difficult and expensive. Now that someone has done it, I want to do it. I don’t really need medical cannabis to be honest. I like smoking weed at parties or hanging out with friends. It chills me out and makes me sleepy. It is way better than drinking alcohol in my opinion. My mother wants medical marijuana to help her sleep since she is dealing with hot flashes. My father has a touch of anxiety that has his heartrate jack up when he drives to work. I have a sister that deals with pain in her left knee due to a soccer injury. None of us really need medical cannabis, but you can bet that within the year every member of my family will have a prescription for it. I wonder how many people are like us and don’t really need their card.

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