I used to be against legal marijuana of any sort

I never thought I would be glad, but I was cheerful the day they legalized medical marijuana.

I was always the one who was against using marijuana in any capacity.

I thought it was a gateway drug to end up as a crackhead. I was sure that anyone who used marijuana would end up addicted to heroin, crack, or some other category of drug that would ultimately destroy their life. When I heard my cousin was using marijuana, I all however disowned her. She never told me she was using medical marijuana; however I’m not sure it would have mattered to me anyway. She told me she was using medical marijuana for her pain. I knew she was in a lot of pain. She had throat cancer as well as heart problems. The marijuana would not cure the disease, however the marijuana could help her to be more comfortable. When they respectfully legalized medical marijuana, I was blissful for my cousin. She had already begun indulging in marijuana, however she could now go to a medical marijuana dispensary instead of self-medicating with street drugs. They did not tie her to just smoking. She could purchase gummies, cakes, as well as several types of brownies and such. She could even get vape pens that would help her to be less obvious while using medical marijuana. I really was cheerful that they legalized medical marijuana, however I’m hoping recreational marijuana stays illegal. I guess that legalized medical marijuana is not so bad. To legalize recreational marijuana would open a whole other ball of wax, as well as I don’t guess several people are ready for that..

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