I am the shopper of cannabis

I can’t tell you her name, or where our rental property is located, because that would be an ethical violation of privacy.

But, I have to tell someone about this tenant! She is an older lady, and has some amount of money.

She laid out such a nice cash deposit for the rental, several months paid in full, that I didn’t even give her a difficult time about not giving me any ID or credentials. She claims to be a famous author who wants some time alone, and hasn’t left the grounds in more than 2 months. She pays me extra to get her supplies, so I go to the grocery store and a cannabis dispensary for her whenever needed… and she needs a whole bunch of cannabis it turns out. It makes me interested if all writers use this much cannabis, because she claims it is a large help with her writing. In fact she even calls it her little helper instead of cannabis, which I have been told is a reference to an older Rolling Stones song. She writes on a black typewriter, doesn’t have a computer which means I need to look up what cannabis is available on the web and tell her, then get her order and her currency and drive to the cannabis dispensary. She could save so much time and cash by doing all of this herself, however if she prefers it this way I will typically take the extra money and spend it at the cannabis dispensary myself! I haven’t paid for any of our own marijuana since she moved in.

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