Medical marijuana for bruxism

Medical marijuana is an effective treatment option for bruxism.

Medical marijuana reduces factors that cause teeth grinding as well as other associated symptoms.

CBD reduces stress, anxiety, sleep disorders, headaches, as well as facial or jaw pain! A woman with bruxism grinds, clenches, or grinds her teeth separate from chewing or eating. Two types of bruxism exist, bruxism that occurs while awake, as opposed to that which occurs while sleeping. Bruxism occurs when a woman grinds her teeth or clenches them while awake. Anger, stress, or anxiety are usually associated with it. Additionally, people may also grind their teeth when concentrating, and even though it appears that they are grinding their teeth, they are not aware of it. A woman grinds or clenches her teeth while sleeping. The disorder is a sleep disorder as well as is common with other sleep disorders, such as sleep apnea. The symptoms of bruxism will be relieved by treating the underlying causes. THC as well as CBD are both helpful for pain, stress, as well as muscle relaxation when used for bruxism. For depression as well as headaches, THC is best. For anxiety, CBD is best. CBD can also be combined with THC to reduce its intoxicating effects. As a treatment option for bruxism, medical marijuana is excellent since it can reduce its symptoms as well as treat conditions or other factors that cause people to grind their teeth, then with expertise of selecting a strain of marijuana, marijuana can be used separate from intoxication or negative side effects.



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