I only buy full spectrum CBD and hemp products from trusted sources

I learned a long time ago the consequences of using the wrong sources for products that affect your health. For instance, I used to buy a lot of cheap makeup on the internet after discovering one of those wholesale websites that gives you bulk pricing without order minimums. It takes a month to receive your order because it’s all coming directly from the factories in China. However, some people have gotten sick from no-name imported makeup. I saw a number of videos from various content creators on Youtube who cover the makeup industry or are part of it in some capacity. But makeup is just scratching the surface of unscrupulous online merchants preying on unwitting customers through misleading advertising and marketing. The supplement and protein shake industry is terrible about selling you products that cost a sheer fraction of the list price to actually produce. Essential oil companies do it as well, particularly the ones that operate like pyramid schemes. But lately I’ve seen a lot of snake oil salesmen in the hemp and CBD industry in particular. For a while you could only buy broad spectrum CBD products which were essentially made from pure CBD isolate powder mixed with botanical terpenes. Ideally you want to buy a quality full spectrum CBD product, but there are a ton of companies selling “full spectrum” products that are extremely misleading. I only buy my full spectrum CBD products from trusted sources because I know that there are so many bad sources out there. There are celebrities jumping in on the CBD craze trying to sell their own hemp products to their fans and followers.


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