I have an appetite when I smoke marijuana

I have never been the type of person to eat anything. I am very picky. When I was a kid, I only ate chicken nuggets and peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. Maybe if my mom would not have catered to my desires, I would have tried different foods earlier. I know she was just trying to make me happy and I absolutely don’t blame her for anything. Slowly I have tried different foods throughout my life. It honestly took some time before I wanted to try fish, shrimp, and lobster. The idea of eating an animal that swims around in the water with other animals that go to the bathroom in that water made me kind of sick. One thing that really helps me try new foods is smoking marijuana. I smoke marijuana anytime I am going to try a new food. It definitely changes my palate, but it also makes me feel more calm and relaxed. I don’t feel as anxious or nervous when I use marijuana and that is a positive part of the food experience. I usually get high about an hour before dinner. Then I no longer have cottonmouth from the marijuana but I still feel pretty high. This in my opinion is the absolute best way for me to try new foods. I tried lobster a couple of months ago for the first time. I didn’t think I was going to enjoy it, but I did like the buttery and sweet flavor of the meat. It was way more enjoyable than a piece of trout or catfish.

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