Edibles are more discrete

When it comes to cannabis products, I stay with edibles.

I really don’t like the idea of smoking anything.

With flowers, it is a lot of work. You need a grinder, ash tray, smoking apparatus like rolling papers, etc. A vape is a little less work but you are still sucking in your cannabis. It just doesn’t seem all that healthy and safe to me. I also don’t enjoy the act of smoking. There is the smell or vapor to worry about. People always have big opinions on smokers too. Edibles are just easier and more discrete. I rely on cannabis for anxiety assistance. I buy cannabis gummies that I bring to work everyday. I eat a few the moment I walk into the office and then doze up again at lunch. They look like normal snacks. I keep them hidden in my desk and only eat a few at a time. There is THC and CBD in them, so I feel a little high and a lot mellow. I really enjoy the sensation. What is nice is that it calms me down. I am not nervous, sweaty or prone to an anxiety attack. I focus a lot better during the work day. It is less severe and doesn’t have the side effects that adderall has. So I feel better about that. A lot of people are on prescriptions too. So I am not the only one in the office. Having a medical weed prescription still has a slight reputation to it. So I am keeping it quiet for now. Maybe someday I will be confident enough to vape cannabis oil outside the office. For right now I am happy with my gummies.


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