I appreciate turning the lights down in our residing room with a lava lamp and weed

Back in college I had a lot more time to spend with our friends hanging out leisurely. Instead of always going out to bars and multiple locations downtown on the weekends, both of us would simply all show up at our friend Chris’s new home to relax and smoke weed. At the time both of us were all young and wondering where both of us would end up in life. I swore that I would move out west to the opposite side of the country, which didn’t pan out. My other friends were unsure, but most of them have made it out of this state while I remain. It was also more exciting to get high at that age because it was still incredibly new to most of us. While a few of our friends had been smoking since middle school, I had just started along with other friends of mine. By the time I moved into a shared loft during our last 2 years of undergraduate school, both of us used to turn the lights down in the residing room on the weekends, turn on the lava lamps, and blast spacey tunes out of the stereo while smoking potent cannabis. These are some of our fondest memories from college when I look back on it all. While cannabis was a fixture in much of our college memories, it was moments appreciate the a singles shared in our residing room those 2 years that lay out above the rest. I heard some of our favorite tunes of all for the legitimately first time in that residing room. It’s also when I first tried White Widow, OG Kush, and Blue Dream before I was able to shop strains at medical cannabis dispensaries about 10 years later.

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