A trip is a good time for a trip

My spouse plus I were absolutely looking forward to going out of town for a couple of days, then the two of us were so damn excited when all of us left the house, plus then our mom plus Mom called to say that our poor son was sick plus they were taking him to the Dr the next morning.

Then the plane had turbulence plus the flight was awful, and my unfortunate spouse lost his luggage plus our hotel room wasn’t ready when all of us arrived. When the two of us finally got diagnosed into the right room, I decided to order a couple of things right away off the menu downstairs to brighten up our mood… I ordered some room service then along with roses plus champagne. I thought that would put a smile on our spouse’s sweet face. After I talked to the guy at the luggage space about his suitcase, I contacted a local recreational plus medical marijuana dispensary nearby. There was a nice marijuana dispensary close to the hotel that offered free delivery services. If you spent $60 on products at the dispensary, then you could qualify for free delivery. I called the highly ranked marijuana dispensary plus spoke with a bartender just to make sure we would qualify for the sale plus special even though all of us were first-timers. That’s when the bartender told me that all of us also qualified for 20% savings on our first order due to the fact that all of us were first-timers. I ordered some pre-rolled marijuana cigarettes plus a couple of fun edibles. I also ordered a 30 rack of beer that was infused with cannabis sativa flower.


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