Everything is better now

Medical cannabis has been fully legal in the state for 6 years, but until medical marijuana was legalized, I was living a really odd life.

I was hooked on drugs plus I wasn’t going anywhere.

I was in plus out of local rehab plus nothing I did seemed to help with the chronic pain that I felt every morning. The undiagnosable chronic pain was extreme plus debilitating, and nothing seemed to help plus our practitioner was giving me more plus more pills instead of trying to find the source for the horrible pain. When medical marijuana was legalized, I found a Dr that could prescribe the course of treatment plus I paid all of the state fees so I could go to the legal dispensary to buy products. At that time, medical marijuana actually was only being prescribed for Alzheimer’s, epilepsy plus seizures, pain, muscle spasms, cancer, plus extreme PTSD. Severe plus chronic pain was a topic that was a great space plus some physicians could use their discretion to prescribe medical marijuana. My Dr told me all of the facts about medical marijuana. The guy really wanted me to understand exactly what to expect, because I had never used marijuana at all in the past. He truly was worried that it might not be a great route. He even explained that I might be feeling side effects such as increased appetite plus heart rate, dizziness, plus possible fainting. He then told me not to use any of the medical marijuana products while I was driving plus he advocated for me to take it easy in the beginning.
medical weed