Hot Yoga or Pot Yoga?

The owner of the yoga studio asked me to take a job there and become an instructor.

Mike has asked me this three previous times, and I always say no.

He had a different offer this time, which caught my attention. Mike runs a very successful yoga studio on behalf of a consortium of investors. I knew that this company had a “zero tolerance” policy for drug use, and that they screened all employees for banned substances. I never considered taking a job at the yoga studio, because I could never pass a drug test in a million years! I smoke cannabis all day, every day. I smoke cannabis before I go to the yoga studio. I’m smoking a fat bowl of cannabis right now as I am writing this blog! Mike tells me that thanks to the new cannabis laws going into effect, the company wasn’t screening for it anymore. They would still drug test for banned substances, but marijuana was no longer on that list. He advised me that I couldn’t ever smoke cannabis in the studio, or even in the parking lot outside, but that if I came to work high no one would care. I had to laugh, because Mike didn’t know I was high at the time, nor that I was zooted on cannabis every single time I had ever talked to him. I told Mike I would consider his offer, so I am just going to smoke cannabis over the next few days and make my decision. You’ve heard of Hot Yoga, but this will be Pot Yoga.