I prefer smoking weed the old-fashioned way

When I start feeling anxious I get lost in my own thoughts, which makes it almost impossible to fall asleep. Have you ever laid in bed, staring at the ceilling and unable to sleep while you remember every stupid and cringey thing you’ve ever done? That was an every night affair for me. I would just lay there pondering past mistakes, or wishing I had not said something dumb. Being unable to get good rest makes me even more tired and addled, which in turn makes the anxiety get worse. It’s a mental trap, of sorts, and one that I have been able to escape thanks to medical cannabis. In the past I never smoked cannabis very often, because I didn’t like my brain feeling fuzzy. That fuzzy-headed feeling is now precisely what I am seeking, because a few tokes of medical cannabis will settle my ugly thoughts and allow me to drift to sleep peacefully. Before going to bed I like to sit on the couch with a fat bowl of Blue Dream, or sometimes a fruity sativa strain, and watch some stupid TV. I prefer stupid TV shows to smart ones, because they work in concert with the cannabis to slow my thoughts down and allow me to fall asleep. I have sampled a few alternate ways of using cannabis in recent weeks. I tried cannabis gummies, drinks, and using a blow torch to “dab” cannabis wax. I enjoyed them all in different ways, but none of them help me fall asleep like smoking cannabis the old fashioned way.