It wasn’t in the right range

Most of the orders that come to our little marijuana delivery repair are from the online website. Both of us have a small component located inside of the store that prints out a sticker ticket with all of the items that have been placed online. The name of the customer as well as the cellphone number as well as client address are printed on the sticker ticket, along with every single item that was already ordered as well as the total that the customer needs to pay. When all of us fill the orders each time, all of us put the sticker ticket on the outside of the bag, sealing the bin as well as carefully checking off the fact that it has been double checked for accuracy. I was filling an order placed from the previous night. There was a handwritten sticker ticket. I didn’t immediately recognize the address on the ticket, so I put the address into our GPS to see how far it was. It was 43 miles away as well as way outside of our delivery zone. I have no clue who took the order the previous night, however they definitely didn’t check to see if the order was located inside of the zone or not. I had to contact the customer to tell them that they were way too far away for us to give to the address, and fortunately, the customer was fine to drive 20 miles closer to our address as well as all of us drove 20 miles as well. The girl actually tipped the driver really well. The girl ordered $434 worth of cannabis products, so I’m blissful all of us finally could get them delivered.
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