The cannabis sealed the deal

I started laboring at a current accounting firm perhaps a couple of weeks ago as well as a lot of the gentlemen there have tried to be friendly.

I am not a particularly outgoing or sociable person, so I actually do not go out of our way to be friends with anyone.

I am cordial as well as nice, but I have not ever accepted anyone’s invitation to go out for drinks as well as I have not invited anyone to come and hang out with me after work either! Last weekend one of our coworkers invited me and another coworker to go to a baseball game. The baseball game sounded really tempting, however there’s simply no way I was going to sit outside in the heat as well as humidity. Then our coworker said she had some really wonderful cannabis products on hand that she was going to bring to the game. When I heard the word cannabis, our attention suddenly was instantly gained. I didn’t suppose that our coworker was a regular cannabis product user as well as I didn’t suppose why or how she realized that I was. Both of us clicked right from the start. I asked our coworker what cannabis products she had as well and she told me that she had a lot of things that all of us could pick. After the girl first mentioned cannabis, I wasn’t going to turn down the game. It was already a great invitation as well as the addition of cannabis made me a lot more interested. I went to the game and our team won more than one, so all of us got free beers at a bar when the game was over.


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