The Platinum Club at the cannabis dispensary

I am a member of the Platinum Club at the local cannabis dispensary, and it has changed the way I think about weed.

Ever since middle school, around grade 8, I have been a frequent weed smoker.

I have engaged in a lot of bad habits, but smoking pot was the one that stuck around. That was twenty years ago, and I don’t party like I used to, but I still smoke weed every day. Now that there is the Platinum Club, I feel like royalty. Basically how it works is like this – when you are a regular customer at the cannabis dispensary you can set up a personal account. Your information, insurance, and payment method are all kept on file, which makes it easier to check out after you select your weed. It is also possible to order cannabis products through the website for either curbside pick-up, or home delivery. These are all perks that every customer of the cannabis dispensary has access to. What makes the Platinum Club special is you get a direct message from the cannabis dispensary every time they have a secret sale, or get a great new product. Platinum Club members get first dibs, and there have been a few instances when a new strain of cannabis is sold out before it ever hits the sales floor! Every time my phone chimes I always look to see if it’s a new announcement from the cannabis dispensary. Time is of the essence, sometimes new cannabis products sell out in just a few days or even hours.