They said I still had time

When I went to the marijuana dispensary early on Thursday, I found out that they were having a big sale on all of their highly ranked cannabis concentrates.

I was only there to buy a vape pen cartridge.

I did not have an excess of currency on me at the time. I asked the guy behind the counter if the sale on all high potency cannabis concentrates was going to be for 1 morning only. The guy behind the counter quickly told me that the sale was going to last the whole week. When I heard that, I wisely decided to wait until I got paid to take luck of the sale. I went back to the marijuana dispensary when I got paid, plus they were no longer having the sale. I said something to the bud tender when I found out. I told them that the bartender told me that the sale would be all week! She asked me if the guy was there working at the store but he did not seem to be there. They apologized for the confusion. She offered to provide me with a nice 30% off of our purchase, but they were not really able to do anything else about the fact that I missed out on the sale. I went to the marijuana dispensary the next day, because I wanted to talk to the boy that told me about the sale. She wasn’t working again that morning or the next morning plus I have not really seen them since then. I don’t suppose if this budtender has hiding from me or if he quit, but he offered me some bad information that was really wrong.

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