A cannabis sabbatical of sorts

It appeared that my run of unprecedented bad stuff had finally petered out.

But it left me embracing a new normal after a long illness nearly claimed my life.

I also found myself alone in the middle of all that. Just prior to being diagnosed with my illness, my wife left me. She fell in love with someone else. It was all quite devastating. But cannabis has been a saving grace for me as it turns out. A friend from college was a surprise supporter of mine while I battled my illness. He was there so often to help me look forward and stay positive. He also brought marijuana back to my life. When he heard I was sick, he drove the 7 hours to get to my bedside. He also brought with him a sort of sampler of indica, sativa and hybrid strains for sale at his local cannabis spot. Where I live, we don’t even have access to medical marijuana. My friend really changed the trajectory of my situation with the cannabis products. The sativa strains helped keep me focused on the good and remain positively hopeful. The indica products were great for the physical stuff I was dealing with. Once I got on the other side of all that, I decided to leave my business in the capable hands it had been in while I was sick. I extended my time away from my business with a cannabis sabbatical. I am now spending the next 8 months traveling to places where recreational marijuana is available. And I’m taking my buddy along with me. We’ve been at this just about a month and I’m not so sure that 8 months is going to be long enough. But it sure is nice to not be miserable any longer.


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