I could not find the weed delivery address

I’ve been living around here for the past fifteen years of our life, then i was 10 when our parents decided to transport away from the city and into the remote countryside… The place was easily quiet back then, but after 15 years, even a small country neighborhood such as this has turned into quite a large and populous city, and one thing that helped make the city bigger was the legalization of recreational marijuana use.

There were quite a number of farmers in the section and the legalization of recreational marijuana use brought more money into the city, more people wanted to transport to the section to grow marijuana after public permits were issued.

I know almost everyone in the neighborhood and I have been from 1 corner to the other… During the past couple of years, I have been laboring at a marijuana dispensary as a delivery driver. I’m 1 of the best and fastest drivers around, because I know all of the roads so well, but sometimes there are some addresses that will stump me. There is regularly modern construction and condos being built everywhere around the area. Yesterday I recognized an address, however I could not locate the place. I drove up and down the street. I finally stopped to talk to the person that was close to the delivery address. I found out that the identifiable address was for the garage beachside house located next to the house, but when I finally made contact with the customer, I told the customer that she should easily make sure to put that in the notes next time she orders for delivery. It would have been so much easier to find the place, if I knew that I was looking for a garage apartment.

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