My mother really needed cannabis

For a long time my mother was against anything having to do with cannabis.

She had so many issues that I knew weed would help with.

Her arthritis was out of control, she couldn’t sleep at night and her menopausal hot flashes came constantly. Cannabis has been linked to help all of those issues. She was a bit more open minded when I told her that she didn’t even need to smoke it either. I honestly think the big thing was she didn’t want to walk into a cannabis dispensary. Since that was the case, I had her go through the process to be a medical cannabis patient. Once she had her card it was smooth sailing. Most cannabis dispensaries offer online ordering now. When you have a medical weed card you can place the order over the computer. You just take a picture of your card and place the order. Cannabis delivery is only a small fee for what you get. My mother immediately was excited to have cannabis when it was coming to her door. I don’t know if she felt cannabis was for druggies or younger kids, but either way she got the cannabis that she needs. My mother right now is using a tincture in order to sleep at night, an oil that goes on her hands for arthritis and she puts another oil in her tea in order to reduce the amount of hot flashes that she has. My mother has said that she has noticed a huge difference in her day to day now that she is a cannabis patient.

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