The night is long without marijuana

Max told myself and others to smoke the marijuana before I was getting ready to go to bed

There are many times late at night when I suffer from awful insomnia. It keeps myself and others awake all through the nigh, and even when I sit down in bed in a comfortable atmosphere, I still find our mind racing. If I sit in my bed, I do not get any sleep. There’s no need for myself and others to try. When I do have insomnia, I try to address the problem by using marijuana. I used to have a few over-the-counter sleep aids in our medicine chaletet. They hardly worked at all and I woke up the next morning feeling drowsy and mentally confused. I was only taking myself and others over the counter sleeping aids if I legitimately could not sleep. It’s difficult to sit in bed for 8 hours totally awake while you wait for the sun to come up. One of our friends told myself and others about marijuana. My friend Max and I were at a car show and he smelled marijuana around the corner. I made a joke about weed and Max immediately told myself and others that marijuana can be a powerful medicine when used respectfully. I asked the guy a couple of more questions. Max told myself and others that he had some medical marijuana in his car and offered to provide myself and others some before I left. After Max and I were done hanging out at the car show, he offered myself and others a couple of buds and a small bowl. Max told myself and others to smoke the marijuana before I was getting ready to go to bed. I smoked a couple of small buds that night and it hit myself and others easily quickly. I felt calm and relaxed. I had powerful munchies too, but after I ate, I slept like a baby.


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