Granny grew medical cannabis plants

I find it quite silly that there are so many secrets in my family.

As a kid I thought the whole extended family was the best thing on earth.

Everyone seemed so warm as well as kind, as well as there were never any complications or arguments. As I got a little older I became more aware of things that were hidden from me as well as the other youngsters. My Aunt Joy as well as Uncle Mike were getting divorced because she cheated on her with an intern at work. My older cousin Bob was in rehab for using booze, pills, as well as crystal meth. I also found out that my sweet outdated Granny had a large patch of medical cannabis plants in her garden. Frankly, this was the coolest thing I had ever heard, because Granny did not seem like the traditional medical cannabis smoker. After I learned this I started to spend more time with Granny, as well as straight up asked her to teach me how to grow medical cannabis. She was stoked at the chance for us to spend more time together, as well as to impart her vast wealth of wisdom when it comes to medical marijuana. Granny told me that she had been growing as well as smoking medical cannabis since before she ever met my Grandpa. My whole life my Grandmother was high, as well as I never realized it! Granny was still concerned about my cousin going to rehab, which is why she started teaching me to grow my own medical cannabis. Granny said that if Bob would have used medical cannabis she could have been glad, as well as avoided getting involved with dangerous and addictive drugs. Happiness through medical cannabis was Granny’s motto.


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