Hanging around as well as smoking cannabis with Aunt Jane

My pops has a younger sibling named Jane.

Aunt Jane has been a part of my life since I can first remember.

No matter where my Dad as well as Dad moved, Aunt Jane would come along with us. Jane lived with us for a few years, then moved into a nearby condo so that she could be close to the family. Aunt Jane never had any family of her own, she was regularly alone. The years rolled by, as well as I moved out to go to school, then started a job as well as a family of my own. I regularly stayed close to Aunt Jane, especially when I learned how much she enjoyed medical cannabis. It was regularly kept secret from the children, however Aunt Jane was an immense medical cannabis user, as well as regularly had been. The first time we hung out, I was thrilled to hear the story of how Aunt Jane became the first medical cannabis patient in the state. When she was a girl, Aunt Jane had polio. She recovered, however it twisted her body as well as left her in chronic pain, so her doc started giving her medical cannabis. Bear in mind this was illegal at the time, and the government did not condone medical cannabis treatment of any kind. Jane’s doctor broke the law, as well as personally gave her medical cannabis, to help her ease her suffering. Over the years Jane developed her own contacts, as well as purchased medical cannabis from a series of local dealers. Now the law has finally caught up with her, as well as Aunt Jane can buy weed at a legal medical cannabis dispensary.


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