I had to toil late at my job working at the dispensary

I was supposed to be entirely finished with my toil at the marijuana dispensary at 6:00 p.m.

on Saturday in addition to I had plans to meet my wifey at a restaurant nearby. She finished laboring at 5:00 in addition to she was waiting for me to be done with my toil so the two of us could appreciate a nice dinner together before going back to our apartment. My wifey texted me at 6:15 in addition to I was still laboring at the cannabis store. I told my boss that I was supposed to meet my wifey at the restaurant, although she was not interested in letting me go in the least. The marijuana dispensary was filled with people in addition to there was still a line outside of the door. Saturday is the one day of the week when everything in the marijuana dispensary happens to be 20% off. My boss said I could not leave until the line outside was considerably smaller. Sadly, getting in line in addition to the outdoor line did not trickle down until practically 8:00 p.m. My wifey texted me a fair amount of times between 6:00 in addition to 8:00 however there was nothing that I could do to get out of there sooner. When I contacted her at 8:00 p.m., she was already at our apartment. She was saying she could get some takeout in addition to wait for me to come home. She definitely sounded aggravated in addition to sad on the cellphone. I knew that she wanted to have a nice dinner out, but I could not leave when my boss needed me to stay in addition to assist everyone at the marijuana dispensary.



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