I have not informed my mother about my modern task yet

My mother is honestly from a time when marijuana was a drug in addition to a gateway to harder drugs similar to crack, cocaine, in addition to heroin.

When I was growing up, my buddies in addition to I were entirely caught smoking marijuana in addition to my mother went crazy.

She grounded me for a whole month in addition to I wasn’t allowed to talk to my buddies or go anywhere. It was truly a miserable experience for me. I knew that my mother wasn’t going to understand when I started laboring at a medical marijuana dispensary that was closeby. My mother tried to talk to all of her buddies about marijuana in addition to she wanted everyone to vote against the law. She entirely tried to make sure that medical marijuana was never legalized. She was horrified when the state passed the law with 69% approval. When the medical marijuana dispensaries started to open in the area, a great deal of the places were looking for workers. I got a task at a dispensary after I attended a budtender in addition to education class. I never told my mother that I applied for a task. I didn’t want to tell her anything until I knew for certain. Sadly, I have been laboring at the marijuana dispensary nearby for the past month in addition to I still have not told my mother about the modern task. She thinks that I’m still laboring at the restaurant. Thank goodness the restaurant is on the other side of town, an hour from my mom. Until I figure out a way to tell her about my task at the medical marijuana dispensary, I want her to understand that I am still laboring at the restaurant.


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