The current shirts are also ultrathin plus sticky

The owner of the marijuana dispensary in the neighborhood said that it was time for a current look.

I have been working there for the past 6 months.

I agreed it was time to do something about our logo plus the drafty plus cold feeling inside of the store. The owner of the marijuana business hired a construction crew to work in the middle of the night. The crew transformed the inside of the store in 2 days. My friend and I did our best to work around them plus my good friend and I were only offering pick up services plus delivery during those two days when the construction crew was working, however after the inside of the store was transformed, the same owner of the marijuana dispensary ordered brand new and current shirts for all of the staff. They arrived two days later. It was genuinely the fastest turnaround that I have ever seen plus I expected really good results from the business; however sadly, the current shirts are ultra thin plus sticky, then you can see every little part of the body because the shirts are so thin. The owner thought he was getting a good deal on something lightweight however the shirts are not going to work out. They are completely uncomfortable plus practically see through. As the main employer of the marijuana dispensary, it was my job to tell the owner how awful the shirts looked plus felt. I told my staff to go back to wearing the old shirts plus then my good friend and I had to cut the news to the guy with all of the currency. I was also glad that he agreed with my assessment of the shirt situation.

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