We dropped a lit marijuana joint far down in the canyon

The weather was meant to be beautiful on Saturday in addition to I had the desire to spend the day outdoors.

I called my best neighbor Lisa to see if she wanted to go hiking at the canyon.

On the weekends, the canyon trails are truly busy beyond belief, however Lisa in addition to I like to take the harder trails that aren’t traveled by nearly enough people. I stopped at a marijuana dispensary before I met Lisa at the canyon. I picked up a package of pre-rolled marijuana cigarettes. The five packs of pre-rolled marijuana cigarettes were infused with premium distillate, top shelf flower, in addition to live plant terpenes. When I finally arrived at the canyon, Lisa was already there. The two of us sat inside of my car in addition to my buddy and I smoked one of the marijuana cigarettes. The flavored joint tasted very similar to strawberries. It was a sativa strain called watermelon cough in addition to it was certainly off the chain. After my buddy and I finished smoking one of the marijuana cigarettes, my buddy and I started off on our hike. We had three or four miles to the top of the canyon. When my buddy and I eventually made it all the way to the top, my buddy and I made the choice to have another joint. Unluckily, my buddy and I dropped a lit marijuana joint down into the canyon. I could not spot where it landed in addition to there was no way my buddy and I were going to walk back down to locate it. I was very concerned about starting a fire, however Lisa told me I was being paranoid. I didn’t hear about any wildfires or concerns in the canyon after my buddy and I left the area. I honestly believe that the marijuana cigarette didn’t cause any accidental forest fires.



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