Why would she rob the medical cannabis dispensary?

Milly has always been a wild child, despite the fact that I never expected him to become a criminal.

Mily as well as I grew up in the same inner-city village. Milly and I bonded at a young age, as well as became fast friends all through our primary school years. When we got a little older, Millly started getting into trouble with the excruciating youngsters in the village. I became more focused on my school as well as stayed well clear of trouble with the law, however Milly was still a little wild. I knew she was up to no good, however one day we were hanging out as well as Milly told me about an idea to rob the medical cannabis dispensary. This was a small, locally-owned medical cannabis shop, as well as I knew a couple of local senior citizens who relied on it for their weed. My Aunt Helen had breast cancer, as well as used medical cannabis to treat the complications caused by her chemotherapy. I told Milly that she wasn’t just stealing from a medical cannabis dealer, she was hurting my Aunt Helen! Milly wasn’t listening to me, so I had to do something drastic. I didn’t talk to the cops, despite the fact that I went to visit the cannabis dispensary as well as supply the owner a “head’s up” about this potential robbery. She was deeply grateful, as well as that unquestionably night had an armed guard posted out in front of the cannabis dispensary. Milly was furious with me, despite the fact that I didn’t care. I told Milly this wasn’t just a store, the cannabis dispensary was an essential part of our neighborhood that people relied on for medicine. Robbing the cannabis dispensary was just plain wrong.
medical cannabis dispensary