I thought I should tip the marijuana delivery driver.

The first time I got marijuana delivery, I was unsure of the marijuana delivery services protocol.

I didn’t know if I should or should not tip the marijuana delivery driver.

I called my best friend and asked what she thought. She said she always tipped everyone who did a service for her. She thought it was polite, but some establishments ask you not to tip their employees. Ultimately, she thought I should call the marijuana dispensary and ask them about their policies about tipping the marijuana delivery driver. Shortly after hanging up, I called the marijuana dispensary. I asked about their policy for tipping marijuana delivery persons? She told me it was up to me. Some people tip the drivers, but others can’t. No one really cared either way, and if the person was super kind, and you had a few dollars, it was always appreciated. They got to keep their tips, and they never had to report them. I thanked the girl and hung up. I was so nervous when the delivery person showed up. He was kind and thanked me for being a customer of their dispensary. I had a five dollar bill in my hand, but it didn’t seem like enough. I grimaced when I handed it to him, but he acted like I had given him a million. It made me appreciate the marijuana delivery person even more. That was almost a year ago, and I get an order delivered from the marijuana dispensary at least twice a month. No marijuana delivery driver has ever done anything but smile, even if I didn’t have anything extra to tip him.

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