She cut down grocery expenses so she had money for cannabis

It’s rare that Kim finds herself with any extra coins.

The economy has been rough around here, and her paychecks don’t seem to go as far as they used to.

This means she always has to be extra cautious with my spending, and never make impulsive buys for things she doesn’t need. However, Kim does consider cannabis to be something she honestly needs. Without the calming effects of the marijuana plant her stress levels would be crippling. Since Kim honestly loathes her job, she needs to be relaxed and glad to do my work, so she always budgets her spending to account for marijuana. How substantial is it? Well last week she had an unexpected expense with her car, which cost Kim $220, and would have wiped out her entire cannabis budget. Instead Kim cut back on groceries, and ate ramen noodles and bologna sandwiches for a whole month so she could have her cannabis. Kim would rather go without good food than cannabis. When she talks about budgeting for cannabis, she is not just talking about the funds to buy it; Once she has the cannabis Kim needs to parcel it out into smaller portions and “budget” how rapidly she smokes it. She has a biweekly allotment of cannabis, and if she goes through it too rapidly then she knows she will be dry for a few afternoons at the end of the month. Do all potheads have to be so painstaking with their cannabis use, or is she alone in this? Hit her up in the comments.


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