Will self-medicating with cannabis help me out?

My workplace is not as terrible as I make it seem, the problem is with the monotony.

Every day is exactly the same – the same dour faces, the same computer screens, the same cubicle, the same bad coffee! I really need this job, because it pays well and the economy is a mess right now, so I can’t screw it up.

But it is also making me miserable and depressed, so I need a change in my day-to-day life. The bosses wouldn’t allow me to keep working from home, so I am forced to come into the office. I have introduced cannabis into my morning routine, and this makes a major difference in my attitude. In the past I always fired up some cannabis as part of my breakfast. They say breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so I smoked a fat bowl of Blue Dream or Sativa Gold before heading to work. The problem with that was the high would wear off very early in the day, and there was no way to smoke more cannabis at the office building. In the parking garage there are security cameras and guards, so I can’t sit in my car and smoke cannabis. I decided to try using edibles, something I was very inexperienced with. I was delighted to find that cannabis edibles were the answer I had been searching for. Edibles give me a light but relaxing buzz, making me calm yet keeping me clear-headed. It was the perfect balance of high and sober to make my days at the office much more pleasant. God bless cannabis edibles.

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