And I thought I knew all about it

Since moving here, I’ve learned a whole lot more about myself and my surroundings than I thought possible, but actually, I moved here for a task! It was more of a lateral transport than anything else; But it got me out of the same village where my ex lives now that our marriage is over! With that change, I also welcomed the fact that I live anywhere that I can enjoy cannabis products legally.

My ex was not a fan of recreational marijuana and that was one of several of the differences that ended up coming between us.

I have used recreational marijuana since I was in university and have always been responsible about it. I find that sativa and indica strains honestly add some much needed perspective and hopefulness to my life! So I’ve always sort of tried to understand the benefits of cannabis! Yet, moving here has shown me just how little I honestly did know. I have loved being able to simply go shop for marijuana for sale, however just being able to walk into a marijuana corporation is something that I cherish! The local cannabis spot is my favorite not just because of proximity, no, I’ve taken luck of the fact that the owners of the local cannabis spot are romantic about all things cannabis. So, I go in quite often just to talk about or learn about modern cannabis strains. The folks at the local cannabis spot also have gave me with all sorts of material to learn about and understand the benefits of cannabis. It’s been great to get this cannabis education and be able to embrace my passion for marijuana.


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