New start and a trip to the cannabis dispensary

Moving to this region was not exactly what I had planned.

But then again, I didn’t really plan to be starting over at 48.

Yet, I’m sure there are plenty of other men my age who are dealing with the same thing. It’s tough to acknowledge when any relationship is over. But a relationship of nearly 30 years ending is really tough. Moving here gives me a fresh start and access to legal recreational marijuana. The cannabis access is not exactly the main part of this big life change. But wow, it sure has been helpful. I stopped using marijuana when the kids were born. So moving to a region where cannabis is legal has been pretty eye opening. When I was enjoying recreational marijuana, it was at a time when you really had to be careful. You had to be careful possessing cannabis products and particularly careful when it came to getting your hands on marijuana. Too many times, I ended up with some sort of junk weed that had little to no THC content. And it wasn’t like I could go get my money back. I wasn’t getting my marijuana from a cannabis grower or anything like that. So I had to take what I got. But these days, I have the THC content and plenty of other information about the cannabis products I buy printed right on the label. It’s still sort of weird for me to simply walk into the local cannabis spot like it’s basically nothing. And I pinch myself every time I get to try a new cannabis strain that I have high hopes for. Indeed, cannabis products are truly helpful to me as I try to reboot my life.

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