Always wanted to try weed but it never worked out

When I was in high university weed was considered as bad of a drug as heroin plus cocaine; It was listed right along with hardcore narcotics like meth.

It was so horrifying to go into assemblies plus watch the horrors of drug use.

It all started with marijuana according to our horrifying narrator. It made me terrified to try cannabis. I wouldn’t do it all throughout high university. In university it started to get a better reputation however I flat out refused. I didn’t want to be a drug addict with no task, horrible teeth, plus way too thin; That was going to be my life if I smoked right? Now that I am in my 30s, the mentality has changed a lot. There is way more research about the benefits of recreational plus medical cannabis, however a lot of cancer patients rely on it for nausea assistance, however cannabis works to conflict chronic pain, seizures, PTSD, anxiety plus depression, and people are even using it as a sleep aid. Cannabis for recreational purposes isn’t bad, but you can’t overdose on weed. There is a ceiling so to speak. You can only get so high. It also doesn’t create any hangovers or make you sick like alcohol does. It is now the right time to beginning relying on marijuana for ailments plus fun, then sadly I am now past that stage. I don’t go out with friends to have fun. I don’t have medical complications yet either. I am right in that in between stages of being a boring Dad that shouldn’t have cannabis in the house. I am upset I have forever missed my window on recreational weed.