Originally I was disappointed by the recreational marijuana dispensary

I moved into an condo building that was in an up and coming area; When I started renting, there were just a lot of buildings around it! That is how I got a absolutely affordable rent for the space I have, then slowly things have popped up overtime.

We got a family restaurant, a bar, shoe store, small grocery store, and now a bank.

There was a new building developing right near the condo that had me all excited, i absolutely wanted it to be a gym. It looked huge, modern, and it was building fast. I was disappointed when I turned out to be a recreational marijuana dispensary. What am I supposed to do with that? When it first opened its doors I wasn’t excited. I didn’t go to the opening or pop in during the week. It wasn’t until my friends raved about it that I decided to check things out. There isn’t much near me still. I can’t absolutely afford to write off one of the businesses. So I went into the recreational marijuana store near me to check things out. I was shocked to see that there were so many products. There is a whole line of CBD bath products like bath bombs, shampoos, and conditioners. There are cooking products like cannabis cooking oil, cannabutter, and spices with weed in them. There are every kind of pick to consume like edibles, oils, flowers, and concentrates. I was overwhelmed by the options. I have been slowly working my way around the store and trying things out. It has been absolutely fun.


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