I finally found a legal marijuana delivery service near me

Ever since the start of covid 19, I’ve been looking for a legal marijuana delivery service in California.

I don’t want to leave my house more than necessary but I really need my recreational cannabis.

A friend of mine recommended this one delivery service but they didn’t have the gummies and brownies that I like. They pretty much only had weed and some bongs. I kept looking around but I wasn’t finding a lot of options. Especially nothing nearby. However, that changed recently and I found this amazing legal recreational marijuana delivery service nearby. They even have a website and I was able to look up and order everything that I wanted. I even decided to try a few different edibles with this order. Less than 24 hours later, I had my marijuana delivered to my apartment. They got the order right and they even threw in a small gift. I have to say, I’m impressed. Now that we’re working from home all the time, and there’s so much stress going on, I just know I’m going to need this marijuana delivery service more often. I’m already looking through their website and adding things to my cart for my next order. They have so many new products and I want to try them all. Of course, I need to pace myself though. My stimulus check hasn’t come in yet and the economy may be collapsing. So I really should be careful with my money. But on the other hand, the more cannabis I consume, the less I’m going to worry about it.

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