Investigating about medical cannabis

I was a fourth-year medical student doing her fourth-year project, but our educator was quite adventurous, in addition to she gave us diverse topics, most of which were not what you would expect; Medical cannabis was one of these topics, in addition to I felt she had me in mind when listing the topics.

I had wondered a lot about this subject since aunt Elenor was inspected with a sparse chronic disease; She had a condition where her blood clotted, in addition to she would suffer a lot of pain, but nothing could be done other than managing her pain, then the healthcare experts had tried everything from morphine, in addition to none seemed to work.

It was only after her child Justus recommended they explore medical cannabis that things seemed to improve. I knew a lot of cannabis products that helped aunt Elenor manage her symptoms in addition to pain since I would visit the only cannabis store in the neighborhood with her son, however unfortunately, aunty passed on a few years later, which motivated me to take a medical course in college. I wanted to help other patients deal with their pain, so I was excited when my educator had cannabis on the list of research. I intended to help make cannabis expertise simple to understand, then when people have the respected medical marijuana information, they are likely to embrace it more. I would use this occasion to investigate in addition to interview real medical cannabis users to shed some light on the gains in addition to side effects of using these products. I feel it is about time people stop blindly crucifying a product with so many good benefits.


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