The truth about medical cannabis

They witnessed a lot of improvement in pain management and anxiety management

I labor for a local newspaper that aims to inform locals about untold truths. I have constantly considered myself a passionate journalist with a zeal to demystify myths and tell the truth as it is. This is definitely why my editor decided to put me on the Medical Cannabis assignment, as my pal and I enjoyed to call it… Not numerous investigative reports wanted to go on this journey for fear of what they would uncover. At the time, cannabis was not a number one subject, mainly because our print media served in a small town where people could have rigid mindsets about recognizable topics. What’s more, most of our readers knew us, and no one wanted to be unpopular. Nonetheless, there was a story here, and I knew it was my duty to follow it and tell the truth, but generally, the subject of cannabis products was a sensitive one, despite the favoring medical marijuana regulations that the state allowed. I interviewed locals who felt that cannabis products were not to be used even medically. The majority of the population felt this was an excuse to indulge and use cannabis for fun, but however, I also ventured into the medical world and got to talk to healthcare workers, especially those who worked on critically ill patients. These healthcare workers and specialists were proud of the government for the favorable cannabis regulations. They got to explore the possibilities of using medical marijuana on their patients. They witnessed a lot of improvement in pain management and anxiety management. The medical fraternity applauded the existing medical marijuana rules since they made life easy for their patients. They felt that the entire population needed to cherish the power of medical cannabis, and maybe then they would not argument it as much as they did.
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