I don't have any more nightmares plus I get a full night of rest

Insomnia affects a lot of people like me.

I have a strenuous time getting a full night of rest.

It does not matter if I go to sleep at 7:00 or 10:00. I sleep for a couple of hours plus wake up ready for the day. I get tired a couple of hours later, however I can’t fall asleep so it just makes me grouchy plus tired. Several adults experience insomnia throughout their life. Sporadically insomnia can happen due to stress, grief, depression, or sadness. Sporadically insomnia happens because there are physical problems with the body. I told my healthcare worker that I wasn’t getting a full night of rest, however I was hoping that he would be able to help. The healthcare worker asked me if I was having nightmares plus I told him that that was frequently a problem. The healthcare worker plus I discussed the nightmares plus my mental health for most of the time that I was in the appointment. The healthcare worker sent me to a medical marijuana specialty clinic. The specialty clinic helped me get my medical marijuana card so I could try marijuana products to help me sleep better. The healthcare worker didn’t really give me much information about the weird marijuana products, however I did find a lot of helpful information online that allowed me to make my decision more easily. I don’t really have a lot of nightmares the way that I did before I started using medical marijuana plus I legitimately get a full night of rest most evenings. On a fantastic night, I can sleep for 8 hours.

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