Marijuana can be used to treat PTSD and anxiety

PTSD and anxiety are disorders that affect millions of people, and i am one of the people that are affected by ptsd.

I had a traumatic event in my childhood and I never had the option to mentally reclaim from the spanish.

I often have flashbacks and nightmares accompanied with drastic anxiety, this is the textbook definition of ptsd; One of the main symptoms is having anxiety all of the time. I am constantly sad and anxious… Marijuana is something that can be used to treat PTSD and anxiety. The healthcare worker told me that he could prescribe marijuana and I did not know what to say at first. I never considered using marijuana to help with my mental health. I thought marijuana was a fun drug that kids in school used. The healthcare worker gave me marijuana educational pamphlets to take household and read. He also commanded discussing all of the events from the day with my hubby. The two of us talked about the dangers of using medical marijuana and what might happen if I did, but both of us decided that it was unquestionably going to be better to try something new that might work then to just sit there and do nothing. I went through all of the hoops to get my medical marijuana card and after that I went to the dispensary to get something that would be helpful. The budtender commanded trying a cannabis strain called OG kush. It’s an Indica leaning hybrid that is perfect for pain relief. The OG Kush strain was entirely pungent and odored fruity. I thought it was an excellent place to beginning my recreational marijuana journey.

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