Taught class for students who got caught using drugs at university

As a instructor, I am constantly looking for ways to make extra money! When I was given an opportunity to teach a evening time substance use class I was excited, the class is for any student in the district who gets caught using drugs on campus for the first time; Instead of the students being expelled, they have to sit through the course with their parents or guardians.The class that I taught was for students who got caught using recreational marijuana and vape products in university, and some of the students were caught physically in the act of using recreational marijuana and vape products, and some were caught with recreational marijuana and vape products in their possession, however as you can imagine, the students were less than thrilled to be in my class, however, the parents and guardians made sure they behaved.

This was a better alternative than being expelled, and even though this class was an alternate form of a punishment, I tried to make my lessons engaging for both the students and parents.

I created multiple activities about the side effects of using recreational marijuana as a teenager, one interest that I created was to show the effects of recreational marijuana on the teenage brain. I showed students and parents a slide of about twenty random pictures. I let them write down as multiple things as they could in a minute. Then I had them hide their list. This next time I played harshly loud and annoying tunes and stood in front of the list, purposely trying to distract students. This time, they had to write the list of what they remembered in fifteen seconds without looking at their other list; Many students could not remember the pictures when distracted which shows what recreational marijuana can do to short-term memory.

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