Vaping Helps Ease Anxious Moments

For a while vaping was looked down on.

A lot of people thought it was just love smoking a cigarette.

When the smoke coming out of the vape blew in peoples faces they would give people a dirty look. It doesn’t have an stink or contain any of the content that the user vapes. Also, the people dying from vaping were consuming products from China. Now vaping is allowed in most areas & it isn’t looked down on as muchy. Additionally, marijuana use is a lot more lax. Certain states are even recreational cannabis allowed. I live in a state where you can go to a legal weed shop without a medical marijuana prescription. I, of course, prefer to vape cannabis oil rather than smoke marijuana flower or devour an edible. There is something so nice & simple about a vape. I love that I can pack it in a suitcase, toss in my pocket or wear it around my neck. The vape pen is conveniently located & I can take a few puffs at a time. When you smoke a joint, you are have to have time to finish the whole thing. Are you going to eat half a pot cookie? With smoking cannabis oil I can take a break or just a single hit. I can get a nice little buzz going without totally being high as a kite. It is nice taking a few hits before a stressful meeting, a long drive, or even when I am going to visit the inlaws. It is the same thing as getting a small buzz on with a glass of wine or something.


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Being A Dancer is Not Easy

I am a former dancer & I deal with a lot of aches & pains.

I did a lot of tumbling & stunts in school.

I honestly wrecked my neck when I fell one time. I also hurt my knee during a concert I wasn’t quite ready for. When I was young, I could ignore the pain & keep going. I was needed for the performances that we competed in. Now that I am a graduate, really working from beach current home & no longer a dancer, it has all caught up with me. My neck frequently spasms on myself and others to the point I can’t stand it. I have trouble squatting, sitting or sitting for long points of time due to my knee. I have gotten pain pills, massages & chiropractor visits. Nothing has taken away my pain. A guy at job told myself and others that he uses a topical for his back pain for his pain. I got online to see what a topical is & I found that it is a cannabis based product. There are creams or patches to put on the inflamed area. The topical is supposed to reduce inflammation & almost numb the general area. It is love a more powerful icy hot. The patches contain the THC that gets into the bloodstream & makes you feel loopy. You could also just get a CBD infused cream to treat the area. I am going to try it. I think a little unusual going into a legal weed shop despite the fact that I have a need for the cream. I want to think some relief from my old dancer’s injuries.
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It Wasn’t too Hard to Get a Medical Marijuana Card

For years I have contemplated talking to my doctor about a medical marijuana prescription.

I don’t honestly need cannabis for a real medical problem, I just love how it makes myself and others feel.

Since I don’t suffer from arthritis, seizures, depression or anxiety, I figured I just wouldn’t be able to qualify for a medical marijuana card. I also thought the process of getting a medical marijuana card would be overly complicated. Finally I decided to supply it a try & just lie about my health problems. I honestly love to smoke weed to sleep better at evening. I told my nurse that I was suffering from insomnia. He instantly wrote myself and others a prescription for flower & cannabis oil. It was about a two minute thing. I had to fill out some paperwork, fill out the forms for my medical card, pay for it & wait for the card to come in the mail. Once I had it in hand, I was allowed to go to a medical marijuana dispensary. It was kind of twilight zoneish walking into a legal cannabis shop. I kept expecting cops to burst through the doors, throw me to the tile floor & cuff me. I thought I was going to get caught for lying & my card would be destroyed. However, the experience was straight-forward, pretty reasonably priced & I got the weed that I thought would help me feel better. I am now a medical marijuana patient & can enjoy medical marijuana. The medical strain of a weed is a little more potent, but it is enjoyable. I am also planning to try some peculiar THC & CBD infused edibles.

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What Happens On Vacation

My wifey & I recently took a few days off in another state.

We wanted to do some shopping, go to the beach & try some current things.

One thing the state is known for is its recreational marijuana dispensaries. My wifey used to enjoy smoking in school & I had never before! Basically the 2 of us went into the cannabis shop with no ideas whaqt it would be like at all. Thankfully the workers at the store were amazing & gave us a tour of the different sections. I l acquired about flower vs oil, sativa vs indica & a dab bar vs a vape lounge. It was kind of a good time just reading on the names of the strains such as mint Girl Scout Cookies & orange kush. My wifey & I decided to just get whatever. We got a vape & some cannabis oil. I picked up a few cannabis space cakes, gummies & even a cooking oil I planned to bring back to our house. Well turns out that the people I was with and I have discovered that we really enjoy using cannabis. The 2 of us had already used up our products a few days in the trip & had to go back. We ended up trying the vape lounge, spending time at the dab bar & cooking brussels sprouts with the cooking oil in our hotel room. It was such a fun time & it wasn’t even necessary to get high. Typically, people prefer THC heavy products, but we enjoyed CBD infused items. No matter what, we liked what we picked. Too disappointing our state is so serious when it comes to marijuana use. My wife and I don’t honestly want to get a medical cannabis card.

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Being a Delivery Driver for the Cannabis Dispensary is Fun

The pandemic has caused a nightmare for a lot of local businesses.

The cleaning requirements, reduced hours & hard to follow rules have made it strenuous to stay open.

The little restaurant I cooked at had to kneel myself and others off due to all the regulations. I started scrambling to find employment during a pandemic. No retail stores are hiring workers while the people I was with and I were in the holidays. They simply don’t have people in the stores this year. What dealer is still sound? Well I found out that the cannabis world is rocking. They don’t need to have open storefronts to sell their wares. Cannabis delivery is a big thing that is only growing more popular, however you complete an online order on the cannabis dispensary website, pay a delivery fee & get your cannabis delivered. That is what I do now, I am a delivery driver for cannabis products. I have to say, I love being a cannabis delivery driver. I can set my own hours & days of the month that I choose to work. I also love cranking my George Jones & just singing away in my car. The job isn’t all that strenuous either. I just style the address into my cellphone, drive to the right place. Typically I meet the client right at the door & hand off. The exchange is super quick. Occasionally I leave on front steps, in carports or occasionally in a shed that is unlocked. It is honestly nice that I don’t have to deal with people & when I do, they are over the moon to see me.


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Hoping my cousin’s depression can be treated by cannabis

My cousin Ryan has always been a little different.

He was a undoubtedly angry child & turned into a trying teen.

Now as an adult, he struggles with depression. Relying on pills for his depression isn’t ideal. Not only is my sibling not honestly nice about taking them everyday, but he has an addictive personality. I was looking at natural things for my cousin to take to help depression. That is how I found that some folks smoke marijuana for this issue. Right away I talked to my cousin about cannabis & depression. He was way more open minded to smoking rather than taking capsules several times a day. The budtender at the cannabis dispsenary had all sorts of strains that my cousin could smoke. There was OG Kush, Blue Dream & Purple Haze to just name a few. The budtender told us about sativas & indicas. My cousin & I don’t honestly guess much about cannabis, so the people I was with and I let the budtender handle choosing the right products. The guy got my cousin set up with a vape, some cannabis oil & a few ounces of flower for the first attempt. So far my cousin smokes every morning when he wakes up & then again at bedtime. I have observed he seems a lot more mellow & maybe even less morose. I am thinking that if I don’t see a change in a month that is significant, he needs a more fine tuned dose. I am cautiously optimistic that cannabis will be the cure for my cousin. It is better than pills, right?


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Sleep is Vital to Good Health

I can’t sleep very well at all. I have a queen size mattress with bamboo sheets on it. I have special pillows. I also use a sound machine, sleep mask & I meditate before bed to calm my mind. My efforts do not seem to matter though. I stay up all evening, wide awake. I just can’t seem to get to sleep in a reasonable amount of time. Even if I go to sleep, I can guarantee I am going to be waking up several times each night. I have looked into all sorts of things to help sleep. I have tried drinking, eating kiwi & eliminating sources of light. None of it works! Recently I saw that some doctors are recommending cannabis in order to sleep. My state unluckyly doesn’t allow recreational marijuana use, but medical marijuana is legal. I am thinking about trying to get a medical marijuana card & getting a prescription to try flower & oil. I wouldn’t care if I was so high I could barely get to the bed. Honestly I would take a punch in the face to help myself and others sleep. So far I have learned that getting a medical marijuana card isn’t that difficult. I simply look for a healthcare professional who can prescribe weed, see him, do some paperwork & pay the registration costs. Then I am nice to go & can occasion up my cannabis products. There is no telling if the cannabis will adequately address my sleeping concerns. I am willing to remain hopeful because I need help. If cannabis fails, I am just going to be a zombie awake all evening.


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Finally Discovered Help for my Acne

My skin has always been problematic for me, however ever since I went through puberty I have had breakouts.

I have tried proactive, scrub & clear & neutrogena products, and nothing has seemed to lessen the breakout on my skin, well I guess I have finally found the magical cure.

It is marijuana. I research skin cleaning remedies all of the time. I found in an online forum that people are using marijuana products to help their skin. Apparently weed can reduce inflammation in the body, whihc in turn improves the skin. Another pro of smoking pot is that it also cuts down on the amount of sebum in the body. This is the oily, waxy substance that clogs pores and produces acne. I went instantly to my local cannabis dispensary & toured the aisles to see what they had. I didn’t want an edible containing sugar, fat & carbs. I honestly eat healthy as a nother way of improving my skin. The budtender really had a topical marijuana ointment for me. It looks similar to any other acne cream but it has parts of the cannabis plant in it. It has a honestly pleasant, citrus smell to it & it isn’t too watery like. I think love I am not instantly clogging my pores by rubbin it into my face. I even splurged & got a facial scrub from the same cannabis medical product brand. I have been using the products for around a month now & my acne is getting less severe. It is hardly noticeable & I guess the marijuana products are the help.

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Guy at the Legal Mrijuana Dispensary Helped Ease my Anxiety

When I got my promotion at job I thought I was going to be miserable because the promotion meant I would have to travel from state to state giving presentations to potential buyers.

I am afraid of speaking in front of people.

I get anxious in planes. I stick to car, bus & train travel most of the time, and unluckyly, a lot of potential buyers are far enough away from the office that I am forced to fly. Thankfully I decided to research how to calm my flying anxiety before I refused the promotion, and a lot of people online recommended trying medical marijuana. Some people use weed can help treat anxiety with a little CBD & occasionally THC. I was willing to try anything to avoid plane fear. I went through all the necessary paperwork in order to get my hands on a medical marijuana card. I then went to the cannabis dispensary figuring I would get flower to smoke & be high as a kite in the air. I didn’t care, as long as I could get on a plane without being thought a nut. The budtender was honestly great. The guy told myself and others I woldn’t have to be smoking & be high! He recommended a mouth spray with CBD in it as a god alternative. He told myself and others to take a few sprays right when I get to the airport. I wouldbe able to spray in the bathroom after I go through security & maybe even on use the CBD spray the flight bathroom in a pinch if I need it, however since it is a CBD infused product, I won’t get high, I will just have less anxiety. So far it has worked honestly great.


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Vaping Marijuana is Convenient and Easy

For a while vaping was frowned upon.

A lot of people thought it was just care about smoking a cigarette.

When the smoke that was released from the vape blew in peoples faces, they would quickly wave their hand around to get it away. It doesn’t have an aroma or contain any of the content that the user vapes. In addition, the people dying from vaping were consuming entirely inferior products. Now vaping is legal in most areas & the stigma is no longer common. Additionally, marijuana use is a lot more lax. Certain areas are even recreational cannabis allowed. I am a citizen of a state where you can go to a legal weed shop without a medical marijuana prescription. I, of course, would rather vape cannabis oil than smoke flower or eat cannabis edibles like cookies. There is something so nice & convenient about a vape. I find it easy to pack it in a suitcase, toss in my briefcase or wear it around my neck. It is right in a convenient place & I can take a few puffs at a time. When you smoke a joint, you are sort of obligated to smoke the entire thing. Are you going to eat half a pot brownie? With smoking cannabis oil I can just use one hit. I can get a nice little high going without having to vape the whole pen. It is convenient taking a few hits before a stressful exam, a flight, or even when I am forced to visit the inlaws. It is no worse than drinking a beer to get a small buzz on.
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