The amount of content in a product

I recently learned about the different alcohol levels in varying beers and hard liquor varieties.

I thought that budweiser and wine were essentially the same with alcohol amounts from a single brand to the next.

This assumption was ruined when I unknowingly ordered a stronger than average budweiser at the bar last week. After a single cup, I felt as buzzed as I would with three beers. I was shocked and wondered if there was something wrong with my mind. My bartender was kind enough to inform me that the stout budweiser I ordered had an alcohol percentage that is two times stronger than traditional pale ale beers. This is why it felt like I had tons of booze. The next time I bought a Budweiser, I decided to find a brand with a higher than average alcohol content. Just like I had assumed, the budweiser lasted a lot longer and I drank less than the normal budweiser I buy. I’m reading that marijuana and cannabis products are just like the budweiser and other forms of alcohol. The THC content can range widely from a single batch of cannabis flower to the next. I bought a couple of jars of cannabis flower buds from the cannabis dispensary last month and they left a lot to be desired. THC content is not the only factor you want to consider when you’re grading a certain batch of marijuana, it’s still important. I don’t get the same effects from batches of cannabis that contain less than 10% THC.

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So many choices of dispensaries

There are more than 5 different legal cannabis dispensaries in my town alone.

Before all of us even had a chance to vote on a legal cannabis law to allow marijuana cultivation and sales in our state, I figured it would be a long time before all of us got to the locale where we are currently. And if I was being overly optimistic, I might have accepted the chance of legal weed in the near future, but I assumed at best there would be a single dispensary in my city. Even then, I figured that the town would ban dispensaries and there might be one on the edge of the highway anywhere outside the town limits. Now that there are more than five different legal cannabis dispensaries in my town alone, I am completely shocked by how fast things have changed. The group of us went from having strict drug law enforcement to enjoying the benefit of there being legal recreational marijuana dispensaries in every town throughout the state. Occasionally I’m at a loss of what cannabis dispensary I should go to when I’m just looking for basic oil products or marijuana tinctures. Two of the cannabis dispensaries are known for their high quality cannabis concentrates while the others tend to have better flower buds of both indica and sativa strains. My roommate buys the cannabis vape pens that contain marijuana oil. They’re usually potent with more than 68% of THC inside. I appreciate getting cannabis tinctures from the dispensary opposed to vaping.


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Last minute shopping

I had been hoping that I could pick up some orange kush, Purple Haze or granddaddy orange

I had a list of places to go to on my way back home from work last night. My wife texted me a grocery list while I was on my lunch break. This was added to the long list I had made a day before including a stop at the hardware store, another stop at the tire shop, and a fourth stop at a department store for new underwear. There was one other stop I knew I had to make, but for the life of me I couldn’t remember what it was. I forgot to write it down on my list, so I decided to do the rest of my shopping first in hopes that I’d eventually remember the last and final stop. Thankfully by the time I got to the grocery store, I remembered that I was going to visit the cannabis shop to get new flower bud products. The delivery fee is $14 on every order so I like to visit the dispensary in person instead. But by the time I got to the cannabis dispensary, there was already a long line at the front door. Because of COVID, they only allow 5 people in the store at any given time. I was worried that the selection would be small. I finally got to the front of the line. Flower products disapapple off the shelves faster than any other products at the cannabis dispensary. By the time I was let into the store, they announced that they were already getting low on indica strains. I had been hoping that I could pick up some orange kush, Purple Haze or granddaddy orange. To my dismay, they had no indica cannabis left, only hybrid strains.




My neighbor Cathleen has started selling CBD products

It’s consistently straight-forward for myself and others to buy what I need plus I hate using traditional medicines love high powered pharmaceuticals

My next door neighbor Cathleen has long been a proponent of CBD plus all kinds of marijuana infused products. She has been trying to sell them, legally of course, for the past few weeks. She has a sweet website plus then she also uses her social media to promote her number one selling legal cannabis products. She’s constantly posting about how different types of CBD products that she likes to use can help with reducing inflammation or helping with stress or fatigue. Since there aren’t many cannabis stores someplace around our local area, Cathleen has been doing pretty well with her retail sales. I told her that she should look into opening up a legal cannabis dispensary here in our township plus then people would come from miles around to buy all kinds of CBD products from her. I believe that she may be considering it, too. I think that there is definitely a big market for cannabis products, whether it may be for recreational marijuana use or for medicinal marijuana use. People all around are starting to see the positive effects that CBD has on people. I am hoping that people who are against legal marijuana use will start to see the positives as well. CBD products can be amazingly great for all kinds of concerns that people may have. I am blissful that Cathleen has started selling many CBD products. It’s consistently straight-forward for myself and others to buy what I need plus I hate using traditional medicines love high powered pharmaceuticals. I would much rather have Cathleen source the cannabis products for myself and others so then I can use an all natural CBD product instead.

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My sibling wants to open up a weed dispensary in our town

I never thought that I would ever make this announcement, however my sibling Krissy wants to open up a weed dispensary right here in this town. I’m afraid that she might wind up with a large push back from many of the people in the area because not almost everyone is as positive about marijuana as we have become! A lot of people still hold a setback stigma about marijuana, even if it is legal marijuana. I think that is crazy, since marijuana dispensaries are literally popping up all over the place. Most of the time, it’s straight-forward to find a local cannabis dispensary within fifteen or twenty minutes away from you, no matter where you’re living. Well, Krissy did a lot of research plus she chose a remote area where there were no other cannabis stores someplace around. It just so happened to be right here in our really small town. We have lived here our whole lives, so we think the types of people that live here, and so Krissy knows what she will be going up against when it comes to selling CBD products plus legal weed here in our small town. I think that she will have some challenges, however she’s reading everything that there is to think about running a marijuana store. I believe it’s an unusual choice for a place to work, especially for my little sibling, however I believe that she will do well at it, then best of all, now I will be able to acquire all of the CBD products that I want, plus I will be able to get them at a steep family discount!


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They are opening up a recreational cannabis store near me

I was studying our local paper early the other morning, which isn’t something that I normally do. But I happened to be visiting my Grandma’s home. Since she still gets the local newspaper delivered to her door every single morning, occasionally it can be fun to kneel plus learn about all of the local things that are going on in the county plus so I sat down at her kitchen table plus started flipping through the newspaper, then the first thing I noticed that was on the really front page of the paper, there was a pretty huge story about someone who was trying to open up a recreational cannabis store near us in our small town. I was gleeful because our little town is not well known for any kind of social progress at all. If someone is able to open up a recreational cannabis store someplace in the immediate area, it’s going to definitely be a big deal for the locals. I personally believe that having a cannabis store would be really beneficial for the town. It would bring in a lot of tax dollars plus even some tourists, since there really aren’t any other weed dispensaries someplace else in the area. I think that people would truly come here from all over to get their recreational pot plus cbd products if the store ever truly gets approval to open up! Hey, at least it’s a first step in the right direction for this county even if they do vote it down at the council meeting. I’m just feeling blissful that someone around here has the guts to even try to sell legal marijuana in this section of the country.

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We went to visit a local recreational marijuana store

My partner plus I had a fun date night when we were looking for something new to do.

We decided that instead of going to the cinema or the mini golf place, something love that, we were going to go plus visit 1 of our new recreational marijuana stores instead.

Neither of us had ever been to any recreational marijuana stores before, plus so we thought that it might be a fun place for us to go plus explore. We aren’t against using CBD oil or other products or recreational weed, plus so we thought that we might even end up finding something that we would want to use later on. So we did an online search for marijuana dispensary near myself and others plus more than 2 of them came up in my phone’s search window. Apparently, there is a really big demand for all manner of legal cannabis products plus so people are opening up recreational marijuana stores literally all over the area. We truly had to choose between severaldifferent weed stores to go to on a date night! It truly ended up being a lot of fun. We walked around plus saw all of the different CBD oils and products that were available for purchase, along with the different sorts of recreational marijuana strains that they had to choose from. I won’t say whether or not we obtained any legal marijuana strains to use once we got lake home later that night after breakfast. But I will say that we had a truly fantastic date night plus the whole thing was really relaxing! That’s truly a really wonderful pro tip if you’re trying to figure out if we used recreational weed or not!

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My state has both recreational and medical cannabis dispensaries

I feel fortunate living in a state that seems to be ahead of the times with social and political progress.

We were one of the first states that legalized same-sex marriages.

Even though it became legal all over the country just a few years later, it felt historic when the laws were initially changed in our state. There has been quite a bit of environmental conservationist efforts here as well, with supporters from both sides of the political aisle. We also have a much higher minimum wage compared to the rest of the country, and it seems that workers here are happier overall. It was no surprise to me when I first saw medical marijuana on the ballot many years ago. After it passed in a few other states first, I knew that it was only a matter of time before it became legal in our state. I’ve been a medical marijuana patient the entire time, but the costs each year are significantly high. There’s the fee to see the doctor each year, as well as the cost to recertify your card with the state. Thankfully we just recently passed a law legalizing recreational cannabis sales. Now we don’t have to pay enormous fees to retain the right to buy marijuana, although the taxes caused the prices of products to go up. Our legal cannabis market is so extensive now that most of the legal cannabis stores all over cannabis delivery services. I get high quality cannabis flower products delivered to my front door for free. I love my home state and our readiness to embrace change compared to other places in the country. If it’s only a matter of time for these social changes to take place, why dig your feet into the ground and delay the inevitable? That’s what I don’t understand about the rest of the country.


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I hate paying $25 each time to get cannabis delivered from one specific weed store

All of the delivery fees are making pizza delivery orders much more expensive than I can afford.

I used to love getting pizza delivered to my house, but the costs keep going up in my area. When you have the option of either buying frozen pizza or making it from scratch with raw dough, it becomes questionable whether or not ordering pizza delivery is ever worth it anymore. Especially if you use homemade meat as toppings, like delicious italian sausage or honey ham. Even the best pizzerias in my city do not use high quality meats for their toppings. The vegetables also seem like they’re the cheapest options available at the grocery store or produce market. But pizza isn’t the only thing that costs an arm and leg to get delivered to your house. If you don’t want to visit cannabis dispensaries in person, you can pay to use their cannabis delivery services. Although it’s extremely convenient, it’s hard to afford the $25 fee that many dispensaries charge if you want your order of marijuana products to be delivered to your house. I typically just make my order on the internet and then I head to the dispensary. They put me in the express line and in a matter of minutes I’m walking out the door with my cannabis products in hand. If the cannabis dispensaries decide to quit charging so much to get home delivery, I might pursue that as a viable option. But for now, I’ll just make express orders on the internet before visiting the cannabis dispensary in person. Since the legal cannabis dispensary only allows a handful of customers in the building at any given moment, I’m not overly worried about the risk of exposure to the virus.

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There are online stores for CBD flower buds and other CBD products

People are increasingly turning to natural remedies in place of pharmaceuticals for a host of medical ailments.

  • Many consume kava extracts instead of using benzodiazepines for depression and anxiety, while others in the west similarly consume kratom in place of addictive pain medicine.

Although both of these plants have been used for thousands of years in their respective locations of origin throughout the world, many in the west are just now discovering their therapeutic potential. They’re not a total replacement for pharmaceuticals, but they’re offering many people relief that they otherwise couldn’t get from the doses their physicians are willing to prescribe of other medications. This is in large part another reason for the popularity of CBD products. CBD is one among dozens of other cannabinoids found in marijuana. Because it doesn’t have intoxicating effects, the federal government has permitted its production and retail sales as long as the CBD is being extracted from low-THC hemp strains of cannabis. In fact, you can buy cured flower products of CBD enriched hemp marijuana crops. The hemp strains look and smell like high-THC cannabis, but they lack the intoxicating effects of the latter. Instead, you get more of the medical benefits from the cannabis plant as a tradeoff. You can get these CBD flower products delivered to your house through the mail system. The store on the internet where I order my CBD flower products also carries CBD tinctures, skin balms, and gummy candies. I still prefer buying the cured CBD hemp flower and using it with my marijuana vaporizer. It’s always an exciting day when I’m expecting a mail delivery of CBD hemp flower buds.

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