Recreational marijuana is everywhere around this area

I’ve been using marijuana as a recreational drug for at least 10 years… I smoke weed every single afternoon.

I smoke a bowl before I go to work, and I usually smoke a bowl at supper. I go out to the parking lot and rest in my truck. I have some fragrance spray that entirely blocks the odor of weed. Nobody at work knows that I get high on my supper split and I program to keep it that way, however recreational marijuana has been legal in this state for 2 years, and that is the main reason why I decided to transfer here. I was living in the southeast part of the country. I got busted for smoking weed at a concert and I had to spend 2 afternoons in jail, a few months later, I got pulled over for speeding and arrested when the officer odored weed in the car, but they searched the thing from top to bottom and found a joint, a roach, 2 bowls, and a concentrate jar. Thankfully, the concentrate jar was empty, because that would have been a felony. After the minute round with police, I decided it was time to transfer to a locale where marijuana is legal. I packed up all of my things into a small uhaul truck and drove across the country to a redr and more lenient area. Now I can get all of the recreational marijuana supplies that I need and it’s way cheaper than ordering from the neighborhood dealer. I spend less currency, have no fear, and I get a good tan at the same time.


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The new manager make me want to quit

I’ve never worked for someone that is so mean and condescending.

My last manager and I were very good friends. We both worked on the day shift together and we had the same interests. I like fishing and hiking and going to the beach and the guy enjoyed paddleboarding and kayaking. We often hung out together on our days off. I was totally bummed out when I heard that the guy was going to move and take a job with another cannabis store. I wasn’t ready to leave my job, but the guy told me that I had a job anytime. That would mean moving to a different city and my mom and dad live here. I’ve lived here my whole life. I played football for the high school team and I was captain of the baseball team. I never thought about leaving this place, until the new manager started working here. The guy is a jerk and he doesn’t treat anyone very nicely. I know it’s unfair to compare this guy to my old boss, but the two of them are like night and day. I’ve never worked for someone that is so mean and condescending. I mentioned quitting my job at the marijuana dispensary to move across the state and my mom and dad went crazy. They gave me a list of 50 reasons why it was a bad idea. Every day that I work with the new manager, I come up with another reason why it sounds like a great idea. I love my mom and dad a lot, but it might be time to try something different and new.


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I’m not going to keep spending money in that dispensary

I have been a medical marijuana patient for the past six months and there are only a couple of dispensaries that are close to my home.

Only one of those dispensaries sells concentrate.

Concentrate is a vapeable inhalant that can get you high. Concentrates are more expensive than pot, but they last a lot longer. I spend about $400 monthly on inhalants like shatter, wax, and resin, but the manager at the dispensary still treats me like a bum. I’m really unhappy with the service that I have received lately. I received an email text message from the marijuana dispensary early in the morning. An hour later, I arrived for the sale and everything was sold out. I was aggravated and I told the manager that I thought it was awful to advertise a big sale without a lot of products. After all, I drove 35 minutes to the dispensary for that sale. The manager didn’t seem to care about my problem. I ordered delivery next time there was a sale. I didn’t want to deal with the manager or run into the same problem. The order sent to my home was totally wrong. I called the manager and I told her that I wasn’t going to continue to spend money in that store if she doesn’t do something about all of the problems. She offered to give me 10% off my next purchase and make the order right. The delivery driver came with the right package that time, but I don’t feel very comfortable ever buying marijuana from that particular store again.

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Waiting for the deals

I don’t have the cash to try new things all of the time.

If I’m provided a free-sample of a $5 cake and it’s one of the best things I’ve ever tasted, there’s a remote opportunity I might buy the cake.

But I can’t risk $5 on something I might not enjoy. I bought a $7 fried chicken from the grocery store deli last night on our way to loft from work. The last fried chicken I bought from this store was yummy, and I even used the leftover bones to make soup stock. It was a great chunk of meat considering how poor the one was that I got last night. I tried to return it to the store for a refund, but the manager said no to it. That’s not an insignificant amount of cash by any means, so when I was at the cannabis dispensary, I was trying to spend as little as possible. I could waste our cash on expensive cannabis edibles, but then I wouldn’t have enough cash left each month to spend the money on the bills. Typically I get cannabis flower products for the cheapest price that I can find. If a single dispensary isn’t having a sale at any given moment, another cannabis dispensary often will have one. The other day I was at the cannabis dispensary, but I wasn’t looking for flower products. Instead, I wanted to get their cannabis edibles. I bought marijuana gummies, brownies, and capsules. I take them in the afternoon before work and it helps me get through the most stressful periods of the afternoon for me.

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They are always out of stock

I hate it when stores are always out of stock with products that you always purchase. The grocery store in our city that I frequent the most has amazing buffalo chicken strips in their deli department. This is some of the highest rated chicken in the entire state, even when factoring in family pizzerias that have made it from scratch for a long time. Whatever it is that they put in the breading with their seasoning mix is genuinely top notch. So, I am not the only woman who loses their mind when consuming this store’s buffalo chicken strips. I get off work at the same time as everyone else in this city it seems, because the buffalo chicken is always gone when I get there around 6:30pm. It seems like their supply of buffalo chicken is low regardless of what afternoon of the month you happen to be looking. I found a direct correlation to this with the medical cannabis dispensaries where I shop. From the old days until the present, cannabis flower products seem to have always been the most popular marijuana products on average among all groups of people. There’s something amazing about cutting a plantling and dry curing the flower buds for a few weeks before dropping a piece into a glass pipe. It’s the purest and most untouched form of cannabis, especially at the dispensaries where I shop. Sadly, they often tell me they’re out of stock of jars of cannabis flower buds. They have pre-rolled joints that I’ll buy in a jam, but you spend money more per gram of flower product that way though.


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Able to learn what I need online

Thankfully I never got busted at that apartment, however it was startling growing weed like that when it was still illegal in my state

Despite living in this modern time, I still read a number of blogs. I understand that more people get their information from online videos as well as social media platforms opposed to blogs these afternoons. And that’s for a good reason, as many blogs aren’t worth much with information accuracy. But if you have older hobbies like cast fishing as well as soldering with metal tools, there are still blogs all over the web that contain a wealth of information. With any luck, you can find some that go back to the 90s as well. This is how I learned so much about growing cannabis plants. It’s not as easy as some would make you think, as well as you need fantastic equipment as well as high powered lighting if you want to grow marijuana with high yields as well as potent batches. Of course you can grow outdoors, but I enjoy growing indoors. Over the years people have improved upon DIY marijuana grow box layouts. Back in 2007 I was using a kindle enclosure for stealth cannabis grow projects, however didn’t realize that the plant stink would still pose complications. Thankfully I never got busted at that apartment, however it was startling growing weed like that when it was still illegal in my state. Now that the people I was with and I have legal recreational marijuana available throughout the state, I can grow up to a few plants either inside my apartment or in my backyard. I built a current cannabis grow box from designs I found from a newer cannabis growing blog. It gives me the power to grow up to 5 plants at any given moment.
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Getting what I can online

I am now sourcing just about all of my groceries as well as essentials off my laptop.

Even though online shopping has been famous since the late 1990s, it wasn’t until the last 8 years that stores have started putting in grocery store items to their online product inventory. The launch of Amazon Prime was a large jump for grocery sales. We all started looking towards the web for viability in the future goods market. The large grocery stores in my area now offer their inventory for online orders. They use a ton of grocery store delivery companies to bring full online ordering to their daily customers. For an added cost, I can do all of my grocery shopping on the internet as well as have it delivered to my home in a matter of hours. So when I needed a marijuana growing kit for my own cannabis cultivation project, I simply looked on the internet. For growing a few cannabis plants, I bought a custom grow box that features high performance lighting, more than 2 pots including potting soil, ventilation fans, as well as nutrients for the plants. I also got a book on growing cannabis that instructs how to trim the plant to encourage growth, among other marijuana growing ideas. If I can manage to grow strong weed plants with flower buds great enough to smoke, I’m going to get a bigger grow box as well as will try my hand at more cannabis plants. Clearly that is all down the road at this point, but I hope things only continue to improve with my cannabis growing capabilities.
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They need to be quite large and powerful to succeed

The legal weed industry has changed so much over the past decade.

When the first state approved of a legal medical marijuana market, people from all walks of life became corporation owners in the booming industry.

You didn’t necessarily need tons of cash just to get started in the medical marijuana market. Dispensaries could buy items from numerous growers, and you could stick to growing cannabis without ever having to own your own store fronts at that same time. It didn’t take long for this business model to be consumed by a new one. Nowadays numerous states require that all medical and recreational cannabis companies operate from seed to sale. They have to grow and sell weed both if they want a stake in either end of production. This creates a large financial jump for anyone wanting to start a marijuana corporation of their own, and it’s not unusual to find these companies being started by groups of men instead of by a single guy. Once you’re operating at this level, it’s a hardship to keep up with demand without being overtaken by other businesses. These marijuana companies have to operate giant scale grow rooms that could fit department stores inside if they wish to meet the demand from the market in their typical state. These big scale grow rooms need to be temperature controlled and remote controlled as well. You will need proper ventilation and fluorescent lightning, along with the ability to control these processes remotely from another location.

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You have to be careful who you buy from

I do not enjoy getting burned by evil sellers when making online purchases of any sort.

For a few of us, our experiences with sketch online sellers started with the beginning of online sales.

Although they’ve made extreme steps in recent years to protect customers, that wasn’t always the case. I had two terrible experiences with online shopping when it was first launched. I remember ordering a band t-shirt that was coming from the United Kingdom. I waited two weeks worth of overseas shipping only to receive a box with a plain shirt in it. Once I signed back into my account to make a claim, the seller account had vanished. I doubt you’d ever experience something like this in today’s world, but this wasn’t the case a few years back. As much as I hated the experience, it taught me to be careful with whatever online merchants that I decide to do business with. My best friend needed a turn-key growing kit for cannabis and was looking all over the internet for a business. I have our own turn-key grow box and kit that I obtained from a highly reputable marijuana growing supplies chain. My friend argued that he could find the same equipment for much cheaper, and despite my warnings he obtained a kit from a fly by night business. He was scammed with bad supplies and terrible nutrients, making the whole marijuana growing kit unuseable. When he tried to get his money back, the website had been taken down. He has filed a claim with his ATM card business, however we’ll see where that leads him.


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The severe weather does affect quite a bit

I moved to the west after two years of constant snow storms hitting my northern home.

It’s horrifying wondering if 1 of those snow storms is going to unexpectedly drop down from the sky and destroy everything in its wake. One day around the time when my wife had just given birth to my kid, I was coming home from the hardware store. The sky turned grey and the snowstorm was coming. I got in the car and drove miles over the speed limit to get home in time to make sure my wife and our child were safe in the house. Although the snowstorm wasn’t a bad one and we kept power, it was still horrible being stuck in the house. I thought moving west would be better, however now we’re in the path of tornados from November until late September every year. It’s almost scarier waiting a month for the arrival of a type 5 tornadot than it is an unexpected snowstorm. The cannabis companies have to make sure their growing facilities are ready for these kinds of environmental disasters. And it’s not just a matter of protecting the buildings from wind and rain damage, it’s also making sure you have every aspect of your facility’s temperature control system on backup generators and with continuous remote control if necessary. Having controlled and mostly automated growing facilities is essential. This year 1 of the cannabis growing companies had their plants on backup generators for a month before the power business restored electricity to the area.

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